Thursday, 20 June 2013

Windows Intune Step by Step Guide Part 7: Software Updates

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Part 7 of my Step by Step guide describes how to manage software updates via Windows Intune. 

In part 4 of the guide we configured our Windows Intune Agent Setting policy. This included settings for Software Updates.

By default several Product Categories and Update Classifications are chosen for you. You can select more if you wish. Based on the inventory of your devices updates are presented for approval.

Navigate to Administration > Updates to view the default choices

First we must create a Group. You cannot deploy updates to individual computers using Windows Intune.

Navigate to Groups > Overview

Select Create Group.

Name your Group and enter a description. Specify whether this is a group of users or devices.

We will use Direct Membership, not Criteria Membership. Click Next.

Click Browse to directly add the computers you wish.

The group has been created. You can add or remove computers at any time by editing the group.

Now we approve and deploy the updates. Navigate to Updates > All Updates. Use the filter on the top right corner to choose "New Updates to Approve". Remember the list of updates is based on the Product Categories and Update Classifications that we previously chose. It is also based on inventory of our devices.

Select all the updates (or the ones you require), right click and choose Approve.

Choose your deployment group and click Add

Click Next

Edit the Approval setting to be "Required Install" and click Finish. These updates will now be installed on all the devices in that group (at a schedule that you have set - 8 hours by default)

Metered connections: Windows 8 detects 3G connections to be "metered connections" by default. This means that there is a level of control over what is allowed to be downloaded (to prevent high data download costs). Some Software Updates are prevented using metered connections. Only critical updates are allowed. In order for the deployment of all updates to be successful devices must be using a WiFi connection.

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