Thursday, 28 February 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 Task Sequence fails with BCD error

Issue: OSD Task Sequence fails to be deployed via network booting. Issue occurs on all devices (different makes and models)

This error appears on screen

Your PC needs to be repaired

File: \Boot\BCD
Status : 0xc0000098
Info : The Windows Boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS Entry.


I resolved this by disabling and then re-enabling PXE support on the Distribution Point

Go to the Properties of the DP and uncheck the box "Enable PXE support for clients"

Wait for a short time while Windows Deployment Services uninstalls

Reboot the DP

Re-enable PXE support and wait while WDS re-installs

WDS usually requires a reboot so you should reboot again

Verify that the RemoteInstall folders have been populated

This is a safe process and has no effect on Config Mgr system files or packages

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 29: Power Management

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Part 29 describes Power Management

Power Management on devices is enabled by editing the ConfigMgr Client Agent settings

Administration/Overview/Client Settings

Set "Allow Power Management of  devices" to Yes

When device receives next policy the Power Management Agent is enabled

Power Management settings are configured at the collection level. See peak and non-peak plans which you can edit

Default peak plan settings

Power Options on client device before Config Mgr policy is applied

Power Options on client device after Config Mgr policy is applied

Sunday, 24 February 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 26: Mobile Device Management - What can we manage?

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Part 26 describes the mobile device management capabilities of Config Mgr 2012 SP1.

1. Deployments
2. Compliance Items

1. Deployments

See the various items that can be deployed to a mobile device

2. Compliance items

These compliance settings groups are available

Password settings

Email management


Peak Synchronisation



Wireless Communications


Supported Platforms

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 25: Mobile Device Management - Create ConfigMgr App and deploy to iPhone

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We have previously enrolled some Apple devices to be managed by ConfigMgr.  Part 25 describes how to create an Config Mgr application and deploy to an iPhone

Browse to Software Library/Applications Management/Applications

Right Click Applications and select Create Application

Use the Drop Down arrow to choose "App Package for iOS from App Store"

Click Browse to enable you to navigate the Apple App Store. Select an App

 Finish the wizard

Config Mgr Application created

Now right click Application and select deploy 

Note that you can only deploy to users in MDM (pull installation, you cannot push apps to devices)

We have now just created a deep link to the Apple Store so the content is already available on line. Therefore we do not have to add the content to our online DP ( If we had created an application using local files then we would have to distribute the content. However, for the purpose of demonstration we will distribute this one.

Choose Available (remember this is pull installation - you cannot choose required)

Deploy Software Wizard completes

On iPhone browse to

Log in and see Company Portal

Click Get Apps

See list of Apps that have been deployed to this user. Select an App.

Select View App


ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 24: Mobile Device Management - Enrol iPhone

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Part 24 describes how to enrol your iPhone/iPad so that it can be managed via Config Mgr  In Part 22 we discusses the synchronisation of users between Active Directory and Intune. We used a test user - IntuneTest. We will now enrol a device via this user account.

On iPhone browse to

Log in (we are using the Intune test account). Note that the domain must match the UPN that we added in Part 22)

Click Install to commence installation of management profile

Click Install

 Click Install Now

Profile starts to install

 Note the warning

Management Profile installation continues

Profile install complete

See Company Portal

After a period of time the devices are available in the Config Mgr console and can be managed

See device properties