Sunday, 20 October 2013

Direct Access Easy Step 3: Add Remote Access Role

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Now that we have completed the pre-requisites we can get to work on the Direct Access server. We now add the Remote Access Role. Step 3 of the guide describes the process. Note you must use a Domain Administrator accounts as the wizard in Step 4 makes some changes to Active Directory and Group Policy.

Click Manage in Server Manager and select "Add Roles and Features".

The "Add Roles and Features Wizard" opens.

Click Next to continue.

Choose your server and click Next

Choose the "Remote Access" role and select "Add Features" to add the additional features required by Remote Access.

Open "Role Administration Tools" and select Remote Access Management Tools".

Click Next.

Select "DirectAccess and VPN".

Click to Install.

Installation has succeeded.

Open the new Remote Access Management console.

Run the Getting Started Wizard.

You can choose to "Deploy DirectAccess only". I chose to "Deploy both DirectAccess and VPN" for this series.

Choose "Behind an edge device (with a single NIC)".

Enter your external FQDN. This is the name we previously configured in our DNS A record and SSL certificate. 

Click Finish to apply our initial configuration.

Certificates and Group Policy Objects have been created and the configurations have been applied.

The Remote Access Management Console is now available for further configuration. We will do this in Easy Step 4.

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