Tuesday, 20 May 2014

MBAM Console - An error has occurred

MBAM 2.5 (Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring) was shipped with MDOP 2014, which was released on 13th May 2014. I installed it today and got this error when I opened the console.

"An error has occurred"

During the installation I had configured port 80 for the MBAM site.

However I needed to change that afterwards and did so using IIS Manager (changed to port 8080). 

I figured that my problem was in some way related to this. I was right.

I browsed to 

C:\inetpub\Malta BitLocker Management Solution\Help Desk Website

and opened the web.config file

My change was not reflected in this file. I changed it to 8080, saved the file and restarted IIS.

Problem solved.


  1. Thank you, worked for me :-)

  2. You always have the most direct and clear answers to the many questions I've had over the last few months - from MDT to SCCM to imaging and now MBAM -- thank goodness for you!!

    1. Thanks Mom. You're quite welcome. Glad to help.

  3. Gerry,

    I am having that problem now after I configured a custom binding url to face externally. I have imported an SSL cert and the server FQDN is different from the URL. Any help or insight? I have to assume this is a hugely common problem.

    Ed Selgas

    1. Sorry Ed. This is the only time I've seen this problem.