Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Microsoft Intune - Create an online support request

EMS Landing page

I previously blogged about extending an Intune trial beyond the normal 30 days. You have to call Microsoft Intune support to organize this and I included a link to find your local support number. You can find this blog here

You can also create an online support request for any of your Intune issues (trial or production). It's currently a free service and particularly useful for the non-urgent requests. It's an awesome service. I recently created an online request on a Saturday expecting a call back on Monday, but was called back within the hour. Obviously that won't always be the case but it was a nice surprise.

Have a look in the TecNet Library for full details of Intune Support.

For technical issues you are advised to follow the link to the "technical e-mail support portal"

Technical Support is only available in English or Japanese (non-technical support is available in many languages).

Select your Problem Type.....

 ....and Category. Click to Start the request.

Enter your contact details.

 Enter the incident details. Be as thorough as you can.

You can upload files to assist with troubleshooting. Then "Submit".

You get a confirmation that your request has been successfully submitted......

...and you receive a confirmation email.

Now you can continue with your work until you are contacted.


  1. Hi want to know whether below requirements can support with intune ?

    1. The MDM solution defined should be able to manage wearable devices (e.g. watches, fitness monitors) and limit the transfer and storage of data between the wearable device and the tethered device.

    2. The MDM solution defined must provide the capability to apply corporate security policies to the native personal information manager (PIM) and browser apps.


    1. Intune currently does not support wearable devices.