Monday, 6 July 2015

Microsoft Intune - Custom User Terms & Conditions

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This is an extract from the Microsoft TechNet Library document Enable mobile device enrollment with the Microsoft Intune Account Portal 

About Terms and Conditions

You can publish terms and conditions that your users will see when they first use the company portal from any device, whether or not that device is already enrolled. Users will have to accept those terms to access the portal. When you update the terms and conditions significantly and want users to see and accept them, you can mark the new terms and conditions as a new version, and users will go through the same process the next time they visit the portal.

Terms and conditions apply to users, not to devices, so users will only have to accept each version once to visit the company portal from any of their devices.

Terms and conditions reports

Terms and Conditions reports show which users accepted your terms and conditions, the most recent version number they accepted, and the date they accepted that version. Export the report to keep an archive of when users accepted previous versions.  

So let's see that in action. 

Navigate to Admin > Company Portal > Terms and Conditions. 

Check the box to "Require users to accept company terms and conditions before using the Company Portal".

Enter the following information:
  • Title
  • Text for terms
  • Text to explain what it means if the user accepts
Also, see the options you have if you make changes to the terms.
  • Increase the version to require all users to accept the updated terms
  • Keep the current version - only new users are required to accept the terms
Save the policy. Note that this is "all or nothing". You cannot choose which users are required to accept the terms. Now lets see what happens when we enrol a device.

The Terms and Conditions are displayed directly after the user authenticates. Select to read the terms.

These are the terms (with my deliberate typo). What happens if I decline?

I'm not allowed to decline. I accept the terms.......

.....and the device is enrolled.

Navigate to "Terms and Conditions Reports". Choose "View Report".

I can see that Gerry has accepted the terms - good man.

Note that changes will be made to this feature during the August scheduled maintenance. We have already been alerted about this upcoming event.


  1. Intune Hybrid -> User having more than one device, if case user trying to enroll Intune company portal on Second device whether Terms and Conditions prompt on Second device?

    1. Yes, you have to accept the terms and conditions each time. It's pretty easy to test.