Saturday, 10 October 2015

Top tip when resetting Mobile Device Management Authority

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Several times in the past I've had a problem with the Mobile Device Management Authority for a tenant. I've started a project to deploy System Center Configuration Manager with Intune but found that the customer had already set the MDM Authority to Intune. This isn't a big technical challenge. You just have to submit a support request with Microsoft CSS to reset this. However the process can take up to 5 working days and is a logistical challenge as it can play havoc with the project schedule.

I had a slight variation on this problem last week. I started a project to deploy standalone Intune. In this case I couldn't set the MDM Authority to Intune as it was already set to Office 365.

Top Tip: When you submit the request to Microsoft CSS in this case do NOT ask for the MDM Authority to be reset for the tenant (as I said this can take 5 working days). You should request that coexistence is configured for the tenant (hybrid of Intune & Office 365).

In my case I asked for coexistence to be configured for the tenant. This was completed in less than 24 hours and the MDM Authority was automatically set to Intune.

Note that there is NO technical reason to prevent you doing this. All Intune features will be available to you. The hybrid merely allows you to manage devices through Office 365 at the same time. The advantage is obvious. You can resolve the problem in a fraction of the time.

(Note that if you want to set Configuration Manager as the MDM Authority you still need a full reset).

I hope this helps others. Until next time.....

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