Friday, 11 December 2015

Patch third party applications

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In the last blog post we deployed the CSI agent to our computer estate. Scans have been carried out and the information is now available in the Secunia CSI Portal.

See the top 10 "Most Prevalent Insecure Software Installations".

So how do we patch the insecure applications. Let's run through the process.

Navigate to Patching > Secunia Patching Systems. See the list of products that we can now patch. Choose the one you want. I'm going to patch VLC Media Player.

Right click and choose "Create Update Package".

The Package Configuration wizard is launched. Enter a suitable name.

Don't forget to select "Use Secunia Custom Naming".

Leave the defaults and click next to continue. Finally choose Publish.

(Note that the configuration options will vary depending on the application).

The package has been created and published to WSUS.

In ConfigMgr kick off a manual sync.

Accept that you want to site-wide sync.

The package is available in ConfigMgr almost immediately.

Right click the package and choose to deploy.

Run through the usual Deploy Software wizard.

Complete the wizard.

You have now completed the third party patch process. You can monitor the success of the deployment in Monitoring > Deployments.

I hope this series of blog posts has been useful for you.

Until next time.....

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