Monday, 12 February 2018

Migrate to Microsoft Intune from another MDM solution

Customers have asked me about this many times. How can we easily migrate to Intune from another MDM solution? Therefore I've decided to test drive a tool that I heard about recently. EBF have developed a tool called the EBF Onboarder and it supports the migration to Intune from pretty much all the well known MDM vendors. You can read about it here

It's really easy to use.

So let's start with the source MDM solution. You can see that I have a device waiting to be migrated.......

......and this is the EBF Onboarder. Click on New Migration to start.

Enter a name for the migration. Be creative.

Now we're asked to choose the source MDM system. The following solutions are supported sources:
  • Blackberry UEM
  • MobileIron Core (VSP)
  • MobileIron Core (EAS unmanaged)
  • MobileIron Cloud
  • AirWatch
  • XenMobile
  • Good for Enterprise
  • SAP Afaria
  • MaaS360
  • Sophos Mobile Control
  • Cisco Meraki
  • SOTI MobiControl
  • jamf PRO

Enter credentials for the source system. 

Microsoft Intune is the default target system. Enter your credentials. We only need to enter the tenant ID if the user has access to multiple tenants.

Click Find Devices.

EBF Onboarder connects to the source system and lists the device(s) that we need. Click Save Migration

Confirm that you want to Save the migration project.

You are presented with the content of the migration email that will be sent to users. This can be customized. Save the email.....

...and here is the migration. Check the box beside the users name and you can then select Send Invitations. This is so simple to use.

Now lets have a look at the behaviour on this Android device.

The user receives the invitation from EBF Onboarder for Intune.

The user opens the email and clicks on the Start Migration link.

The user is re-directed to the Onboarder service and asked to select Start Migration.

The first step is to retire the device from the source system. It's alarmingly quick (approximately 30 seconds).

Retirement is complete and now the user in invited to enrol with Intune. They are instructed to follow the Microsoft Intune link.

The user is re-directed to Google Play store and asked to download and install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal. We're familiar with the rest of the process at this stage.

User authenticates with Intune.........

.....and continues with the setup process.

The device is being added to Intune.

Enrollment is complete.

The device is available for management in the Intune portal.

The two-step retire/registration process on the device took less than five minutes and was very straightforward for the user to understand and follow. I was very impressed.

You can sign up for a trial on the EBF website The trial allows you to migrate 20 devices from multiple source systems and only expires when the 20 have been migrated.

I hope you found this blog post interesting. Until next time.........


  1. Thanks for this. Finally intune is supported. Im currently in phase of migrating from xenmobile to intune. Do you know if this and how this works if we currently use dep and or vpp? Further i presume this only takes care of un- and enrollment of the device in intune, it does not migrate policies etc?

    1. Yes, it's fully supported with DEP. It does not migrate policies.

  2. Thank you for answering.

  3. Thanks for this!

    Can anyone provide a set of instructions / web links on how to deploy Android apps from Intune to managed and enrolled devices ?

    I'm reading mixed reviews of if this is even possible. I can add an app, mark it as required where the enrolled Android gets a notification but I have not been able to work out how to deploy an app.

    Is additional licensing required ? Is it even possible ?

  4. If an iPhone is under supervised mode, will it maintain that state from MobileIron to Intune using this service?

  5. I'm pretty sure it does but I haven't tested. That's a question for EBF.