Monday, 3 September 2018

Intune - improvements to Office 365 ProPlus deployment

Simplified Office 365 ProPlus deployment has been a very popular feature of Microsoft Intune for quite some time. In the last few weeks there have been two improvements that will be very useful.

1. Now we can edit Office 365 ProPlus app deployments if we want to make changes, remove an app or change the channel, for example. Previously we had to delete the deployment and add a new one which was a real pain.

Editing the Office 365 ProPlus deployment

2. We also have greater control as we can now choose the specific version of Office 365 ProPlus to install. We don't have to accept the latest version any more.

Choose App Suite Settings in the properties of the deployment. In the section "Version to install on end user devices" choose Specific.

You now must choose a version.

There are many to choose from and the choices will change as the list is continually updated. 

Why is this significant? In my opinion it's very important to be in control of the version of software that you deploy to your estate. You need time to test your line of business apps, add-ins and macros so perhaps you don't want to be deploying the latest version as soon as it is published.

To me these are two very useful features. Until next time......

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