Sunday, 28 April 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 13b: Installing and Integrating MDT 2012

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Why do you need to integrate MDT 2012 with Config Mgr 2012? The answer is you don't and it very much depends on your requirements. However a combination of the two products is much more powerful than Config Mgr alone - it provides a much richer OSD capability.

Here are two examples of situations I encountered when MDT was required:

1. I needed an additional boot image to boot into Windows PE and force the NIC to use 100Mbps/Full Duplex rather than Auto - required due to the local switching environment. I edited the inf file of the NIC driver to change the default behaviour. I then created a new MDT Boot Image and imported the edited NIC driver - it worked very nicely.

2. I was creating an OSD solution for a company with a multi-domain environment. They wanted a User Driven Installation (UDI) Task Sequence so that an administrator could be prompted to choose the correct domain during the installation. The administrator could also choose to install applications by selecting from a list. I achieved this using an MDT Task Sequence.

Part 13b of my Config Mgr 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide describes how to install MDT 2012 and how to integrate this with Config Mgr 2012. Parts 13c and 13d show how to create MDT Boot Images and Task Sequences.

Download MDT 2012 here

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Update 1

Run the installer as administrator and choose the default installation settings. The installation is very short and straighforward.

MDT 2012 has now been installed. 

Now configure the Config Mgr integration.

Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Deployment Toolkit > Configure ConfigMgr Integration

This starts the Integration wizard. Choose your Site Server and ensure the Site Code is correct. Click Next.

Verify that the integration has completed successfully.


  1. Hi Gerry ,
    Great guide , Thanks for it
    I have small issue -
    For Cert install - "certutil.exe -addstore TrustedPublisher scupcert.cer "- Worked

    but - "certutil.exe -addstore Root scupcert.cer" - this is not working . It says cert cann't be added at Root

    any ideas

  2. Where can I find out more about editing the NIC speed and duplex via editing the .INF file? I did not find anything useful via Google.

  3. Open the INF file using Notepad. Search for "Duplex". You'll find the section concerning speed/duplex. You'll see that 0,1,2 etc represent a different setting. You'll also see what is configured for the default setting. 0 often represents Autonegotiate and is the default setting.
    In my case I wanted 100/full so I edited the file so that the default speed/duplex was 4.

  4. Hi Gerry,
    can you tell me if you installed these and performed the integration on the sccm server or your local machine?