Friday, 5 April 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 17: Add updates directly to an image

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We've all had this problem. We've captured an image and implemented a deployment solution and all works well. However as time moves on the deployment process takes longer and longer as updates are being applied. We then "bite the bullet" and capture a new image with all current updates installed, and we start again.

Those days are over. With Config Mgr 2012 you can now add updates directly to the image. Part 17 of my guide describes the process.

Navigate to Software Library and select the required image. Click Schedule Updates.

Select the updates that you require to be installed into the image. Note that you can filter by system architecture.

Choose "As soon as possible" (or you can schedule the task if the image is in use). Tick to "Continue on Error" and to "Update DP with the image"

Verify your choices and click Next to continue

The task has now been queued. Click Close to finish 

See task is scheduled

See task is in progress

Image has been updated. My image was updated in 10 minutes.

You can carry out this task as frequently as you like (perhaps every couple of months).


  1. Does WSUS need to be running for this to work?

  2. I haven't tested. Maybe not, as the updates have already been downloaded. Why would you ask though? What is your situation?

  3. Are this updates will also updating the current image in the existing machines that have been released into production environment? or just the new machines?

  4. Using this process you are injecting updates into a WIM file which you then deploy as part of a task sequence. Therefore the updates will be included in new machines. You have to update existing machines using the software update management process.

  5. Excellent information! Just saved me days of pain with applying updates via TS. Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog.

  6. Hello! When I'm trying to apply the updates I am getting the error "Failed to read image information". In the OfflineServicingMgr.log I can see:

    Unable to open the image file SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 05.10.2015 9:43:34 14408 (0x3848)
    WIM::GetWIMImageCount returned code 0x8007000b SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 05.10.2015 9:43:34 14408 (0x3848)
    Failed to get image count in the WIM file C:\ConfigMgr_OfflineImageServicing\KRV00047\KRVnoDISMbutVM.wim SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 05.10.2015 9:43:34 14408 (0x3848)
    GetImageCount returned code 0x8007000b SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 05.10.2015 9:43:34 14408 (0x3848)
    Completed processing image package KRV00047. Status = Failed SMS_OFFLINE_SERVICING_MANAGER 05.10.2015 9:43:34 14408 (0x3848)

    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

    1. 0x8007000b = An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

      That's not a very useful error. Offline Servicing uses DISM. McAfee AV does not play nice with DISM. Did you temporarily disable AV.

    2. I had only SCEP installed on the server. I've tried to exclude folders, processes and even completely uninstalled SCEP but still have the same error. Approx a year ago I performed updates injection with no troubles at all :-(

  7. This is great info. Thanks Gerry.