Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Windows Intune Step by Step Guide Part 2: Account Portal and Admin Portal

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There are two management portals that you can use to access the various features of your Windows Intune service. Part 2 of my Windows Intune Step by Step Guide describes them.

Admin Portal: https://admin.manage.microsoft.com (also called the Administrator Console)

Windows Intune Account Portal:

The Account Portal is a common configuration interface that administrators can use to manage users, groups, and domains for all Microsoft Online services, including Windows Intune and Office 365. With this online portal, you can check the status of your subscriptions, add new subscriptions, and activate new user accounts. It is also where you can set up and configure the link to your on-premise Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS) instance.

The following menu items are available:

Admin Overview

Setup Overview

Management: Users - Add & manage users

Management: Domains - add your own external domain. You must be able to verify that you own this domain (normally by configuring a verification DNS record)

Windows Intune Admin Portal (or Administrator Console):

This is where policies are configured and is the portal for daily device management.

The following menu items are available:

System Overview

Groups - here we configure groups of users, computers and mobile devices.

 Software Updates

Endpoint Protection


Software - Detected & Managed





  1. How i was wondering if you knew how to purchase and download the apps (appx install files) and make if available for the work app library portal where intunes license users can view in the Microsoft store login with their work intune email account ?? seems there is no guide on how to do this


    1. You're talking about the Windows Store for Business