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Windows Intune Step by Step Guide Part 5: Enroll devices

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Part 5 of my Windows Intune Step by Step Guide describes how to enroll devices so that they can be managed. 

Note that we are just dealing with full Windows clients for the purpose of this guide (in my case Windows 8 Enterprise tablets). Further configuration is necessary for mobile devices. You can find more information in the

Windows Intune Getting Started Guide

Enrolling Devices

You can enroll devices in Windows Intune in three ways:
  • Administrator Enrollment: The Windows Intune Administrator sets up the device enrollment on behalf of  the end user.
  • User Enrollment: The device user self-enrolls using the Windows Intune company portal.
  • Embedding in a deployment image: The Windows Intune Administrator embeds the Windows Intune service into the operating system deployment images.

I have used the first method for this guide and I enrolled the device on behalf of the user. There are two ways to do this

  • On the device, navigate to and download the client software directly to the device.
  • Install the software directly from a USB drive.

I downloaded the software to a USB drive from my PC.

Admin Console

Click Download Client Software

Download compressed software package

Extract and see Intune executable file and account certificate file (this file is specific to your Intune subscription - it needs to be in the same folder as the executable for the installation so that your devices are enrolled under the correct subscription).

On device.

Double click Windows_Intune_Setup. Note the Intune account cert in the same folder.

Click Next to install

The client has now been installed and contacts Intune to retrieve the policies we created in Part 4. It will also download and install the Endpoint Protection software and then download the EP definition files.

See Intune processes.

Note the Endpoint Protection icon in the System Tray (the green one). See also the Intune Center (with the yellow exclamation). It is not yet healthy as the EP virus definitions have not been fully downloaded.

New icons available.

New folder structure.

Client is now healthy. Download of definition files is complete. 

Client is now fully protected by Endpoint Protection

Device now enrolled -

- and showing healthy status.

Installation Tip: If the device date or time are incorrect the installation will fail.

Windows Intune Setup: The software cannot be installed, 0x800b0101 

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