Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mobile Application Management with Microsoft Intune - Install Managed Apps and test MAM functionality

MAM with Intune main menu 

OK, we've finished the Intune configuration for now. So what does Mobile Application Management look like on the device? Let's see.

Remember that we deployed the Intune Managed Browser as "Available". Now we must install it. Open the Intune Company Portal on the device.

Browse to Apps to see the Managed Browser and the PDF Viewer. Let's just install the browser for now. Click on the software.

"View in Google Play".

This takes us to the location of the software in the Google Store. Click to Install.

Now open the App.

We are prompted to set a PIN for the managed container.

The Managed Browser is installed. Now the fun starts. Launch the browser.

I use a mirroring software to display my Android device on screen. The screen goes dark when the Managed Browser opens. How cool is that? - no chance to take a screenshot of any data. I've taken photographs of the rest of the process.

This is the Intune Managed Browser for Android. It is based on Chrome and has much of the same functionality you would expect from a browser - see where you can bookmark URLs.

Try to access a URL that you have not configured.

Access is blocked.

We can only access the allowed URLs.

This is a list of documents from the allowed SharePoint site. Remember that we have not yet installed any other Managed Apps. Therefore we should not be allowed to open any content.

......and we can't.

Now lets install the PDF Viewer.

Now I have better success opening my managed PDFs.

This is cracking technology.


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