Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Mobile Application Management with Microsoft Intune - available managed apps

MAM with Intune main menu 

This is seriously cool technology with only a single drawback. The availability of managed apps is quite limited.

Edit 1st Feb 2015: No more drawbacks. Microsoft have released more apps which now make MAM a very good feasible solution.

Android Apps
Managed Browser 
PDF Viewer
AV Player
Image Viewer 

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint 
Microsoft OneNote 
Microsoft Outlook 

Even thought we have a Managed Browser for Android we are a little lacking with Apps here - no Office for Android. I believe that the release of this software is imminent.

(Edit 1st Feb 2015 - My view has changed now with the release of Office apps for Android)

iOS Apps
Microsoft Word for iPad 
Microsoft Excel for iPad 
Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad 
Microsoft OneNote for iPad 

Microsoft Outlook for iPad 

There are more useful apps for iOS. However the Managed Browser has not yet been released. It is currently pending store approval.

Also Microsoft have released an iOS Wrapping tool with which you can enable your own apps to be managed without any software development. I'll investigate this tool shortly.

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