Monday, 8 June 2015

Cloud storage with Microsoft Intune

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I'd like to share some information on cloud storage with Microsoft Intune. When you sign up for a free trial you are assigned 2GB of storage. You get 20GB with a paid subscription. If this is not enough you can purchase additional storage at 1GB increments by using the Microsoft Intune Extra Storage Add-on. The following rules apply:
  • You cannot purchase additional storage during any Intune pre-release or trial period. 
  • You must have an active paid subscription in order to purchase additional storage. 
  • Only billing administrators or global administrators for your Microsoft Online Service can purchase additional storage through the Intune account portal. To add, delete, or manage these administrators, you must be a global administrator and sign in to the Intune account portal. 
  • If you are a volume licensing customer who has purchased Intune or the Microsoft Intune Add-on through the enterprise agreement, contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft Partner for pricing information and to purchase additional storage.
You can find this information on TechNet Library

But what is this storage used for? Intune Cloud storage is consumed by the following:
  • Deployed Line of Business Applications
  • Deployed custom applications
  • Deployed software updates

Intune cloud storage is NOT consumed for the following:
  • Applications with deep links to an online store
  • Intune policies
  • Device inventory
Storage for these items is provided as part of the Intune service. This is important when you are trying to calculate the possible storage requirements for a large estate. The number of managed devices does not have to be considered when calculating Intune storage requirements.

See the cloud storage consumed in my lab environment.

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