Saturday, 2 January 2016

Configuration Manager 1511 - what's new in MDM

System Center Configuration Manager landing page

Configuration Manager 1511 has introduced On-premises Mobile Device Management. We can now manage mobile devices using the on-premise Configuration Manager infrastructure only (with no management or data transfer to or from Intune). I'm working on that in my lab at the moment and will blog about it shortly.

1511 also introduced some new traditional MDM features to Configuration Manager (which were already available in standalone Intune).

Limit the number of devices a user can enrol

Navigate to the properties of the Intune subscription > General tab

Use the drop down arrow to choose the device cap (maximum 5).

Specify terms and conditions users of the Company Portal must accept before accept before they can enroll or use the app

Navigate to Assets and Compliance > Compliance Settings > Terms and Conditions

Now you can create your own custom Terms and Conditions for your organisation.

Device enrollment manager role

Now we can create Device Enrollment managers who can enrol more than the maximum 5 devices.

See the Device Enrollment Manager tab in the properties of the Intune subscription.

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