Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Installing Configuration Manager - precreate the database

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It's common knowledge among ConfigMgr administrators that you should precreate the SQL database before installing System Center Configuration Manager. The reason is very straightforward. If you don't, the ConfigMgr installation will create the database for you and it will use the default settings with a single database file. This is not optimal for most sites.

Kent Agerlund (@agerlund) has done some good work in this area.


In his blog post Kent explains how to design your SQL installation for a ConfigMgr site. He includes a link to a sizing calculator where you can work out how many database files you should have and what size they should be.

So, once you've worked out what you need, how do you precreate the database?

Microsoft provide a publicly available script for this. You can download it from Coretech's site

Extract the .rar file and open the .sql file with Notepad. There are a couple of changes to make

Add your proposed site code between the quotes (I've added P01 here). Change the bit = from 0 to 1. 0 is for testing and 1 allows you to create the database.

Scroll down to see some other options you can change (# of database files, file sizes, autogrowth settings). The defaults will be OK for many sites. Save the file after you make your changes.

Now open SQL Management Studio.. Select File > Open > File.

Browse to the .sql file and select.

Select "Execute" to create the custom database .

Database has been created.

See the custom settings.

Ref: Coretech System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SQL recommendations

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