Monday, 21 November 2016

ConfigMgr CB 1610 delivers features I've been waiting for

System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch 1610 was released on 18th November. You must opt in to fast ring to see 1610 in the ConfigMgr console early. Full details can be found here

Many new features are available such as:
  • Windows 10 Upgrade Analytics
  • Office 365 Servicing Dashboard and app deployment
  • Software Updates Compliance Dashboard
  • Cloud Management Gateway
  • Client Peer Cache
  • Enhancements in Software Center
  • New remote control features
However I've been looking at the less publicized enhancements. In particular there are two very simple improvements that I have been waiting for.

1. Windows Store for Business integration

I previously published a blog post on configuring native integration with ConfigMgr and Windows Store for Business. You can read that here

This feature was delivered as "pre-release" in 1606. It was very useful but a little limited in terms of troubleshooting. Synchronization failed in my lab environment and I couldn't do anything about it.

WsfbSyncWorker.log file displayed the synchronization error.

However I was very limited on what I could do in the console. I could only view the Properties of the WSfB account......

....and everything was grayed out. This wasn't that helpful. Kim Oppalfens figured out a way to remove the account using WMI but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be supported.

Enhancements have been added in 1610.

Now we can easily delete the account and add a new one.

We can also edit the account settings.

I've now been able to fix my synchronization problem.

2. Send a Sync Request to Intune enrolled device

Previously synchronization had to be initiated using the Intune Company Portal on the mobile device itself.

Now we can send a sync request to the device directly from the ConfigMgr console. This is a huge improvement. We no longer have to guide users to do this for themselves.

Until next time.......

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