Monday, 21 November 2016

Microsoft are listening to feedback?? - my experience

My favourite part of the being in the MVP Program is being able to provide feedback directly to the product group. The cynical view is that they just don't listen so there is no point in providing feedback. However this is simply not the case. I have a little story I would like to share.

Last year I deployed an Intune Proof of Concept for one of my customers. We carried out intensive testing of the various elements, one of which was mobile application management. We created MAM policies to restrict the integration between managed and unmanaged apps. This worked very well and data could not be transferred between managed and unmanaged apps. Unfortunately, it worked a little too well. If I clicked on a telephone number in Outlook or the managed browser I was unable to launch the phone dialer app on the device (as it was unmanaged) and I couldn't make a phone call. This just didn't make sense to me.

I filed a DCR (bug) on Microsoft Connect (you will need a Microsoft Live to access this) to allow special access to specific unmanaged apps (eg. phone dialer).

"While using Intune Managed Applications it would be good if users could integrate with specific device components eg phone dialer. Users should be able to make a telephone call by selecting the number in the Managed App. They currently can't - I've tested it. The operation is not permitted".

The DCR was actioned and closed. I'm pleased to say that ALL MAM-aware Office apps and the Intune Managed Browsers (for both iOS and Android) have now been upgraded to incorporate this request. I've just successfully tested with Outlook and Managed Browser.

If a feature doesn't make sense to you or doesn't work the way you think it should then let Microsoft know. The products will only improve with user feedback.

For bugs use Microsoft Connect: 

For feature suggestions use UserVoice.

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