Monday, 8 July 2019

AutoPilot CSV file formatting issues

I've been uploading hardware IDs to Intune for my customer so that the devices can be provisioned using AutoPilot and Intune. We create CSV files in batches of 50 and everything has been going well so far. However the process started to fail today.

Intune would not accept the formatting of the CSV files. 

Each row must have a minimum of 3 columns

The formatting looked ok to me though. It was a CSV file of 50 devices created using the -append parameter.

Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo.ps1 -OutputFile .\batch1.csv -append

The project leverages Microsoft Teams for collaboration and I subsequently discovered that the files had been uploaded to Teams and downloaded again. This must have caused some subtle issue with the formatting. Once I got the original files I was able to continue as normal.

I've also noticed that a simple edit of the CSV file can cause formatting issues. There was a duplicate line in one of the files but simply deleting the line caused an issue.

In the end I uploaded the file with the duplicate and just accepted the import error.

I hope this helps anyone else scratching their head with AutoPilot CSV formatting issues. My advice:
  1. Use the original CSV file only
  2. Keep editing of the CSV file to a minimum
Until next time....

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