Tuesday, 5 May 2020

CMG - the subscription is not registered to use namespace 'Microsoft.Storage'

This was a new issue for me to fix when deploying a CMG last week. 

The first attempt failed - "Failed to provision cloud service".

The CloudMgr.log file was full of information and told me what I needed to know.

"The subscription is not registered to use namespace 'Microsoft.Storage'".

I could see the same in the Azure Activity log.

This was a little unusual for me as I hadn't come across this problem before. I know that I have to register the Classic.Compute resource provider (this one has it's own issues in that it's not exposed in a CSP subscription) but I've never seen a problem with the Microsoft.Storage resource provider.

As usual I found that it was specifically called out in the official docs.

"The Microsoft.ClassicCompute & Microsoft.Storage resource providers must be registered within the Azure subscription".

I registered the Microsoft.Storage resource provider.....

....and was able to deploy the CMG.

I hope this helps you. Until next time......

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