Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 21: Asset Intelligence

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The Config Mgr Asset Intelligence catalog is a set of database tables stored in the site database that contain categorization and identification information for over 300,000 software titles and versions.

Asset Intelligence catalog updates that contain newly released software are available for download periodically to perform bulk catalog updates. The catalog can also be dynamically updated by using the Asset Intelligence synchronization point site system role.

Part 21 decribes the configuration of this role

Right click on Site Server and choose Add Site System Role

Verify the server details

Enter your proxy settings (not required for my configuration). Note that traffic between the site server and the Microsoft online catalog servers should be unfiltered by the proxy server (add a whitelist).

Choose Asset Intelligence Synchronization Point

Click Next

Enable the sync schedule

Finish the wizard

Right click to Enable the Sync Point and synchronise for the first time


  1. Hi Gerry, should I install this role on my Primary site server or my SQL server? Or do I need to have another server built for this role? Currently I only have the 2 servers in my farm.

    1. It really depends on the size of your environment Matt. Are the two servers suitably resourced? You would add this role to the Primary Site Server (not SQL server).