Thursday, 9 January 2014

MDM in SCCM 2012 R2 - Windows Intune configuration

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The first step is to add and verify a domain in Intune (it is assumed that you already have an Intune subscription or trial). You can apply for a trial here

You will be asked to choose a new Intune domain name in the format:

Log into Intune

See subscription for 250 users. Each user can enrol 5 devices.

See your default domain. However this domain cannot be used to integrate with ConfigMgr  You must use a domain that your on-premise ConfigMgr can recognise. Therefore we need to add a public domain that you can verify that you own (eg We will later add this domain as an alternative UPN in Active Directory.

Select "Add a Domain"

Enter the domain name.

You are presented with instructions to verify that you control this domain name. The easiest way is to create a DNS TXT record as requested. This record can take up to 24 hours to propogate (normally will be available in a couple of hours).

Note that there is an optional step here also. You can configure a DNS record for your domain that directs EnterpriseEnrollment to

This is useful for managing Windows Phone 8, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 devices. You will not need to enter the server name ( during enrollment.(I didn't configure this record at this time).

After a couple of hours log into Intune and select "Click to verify domain".

Too soon

Domain is verified on the second attempt


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