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MDM in SCCM 2012 R2 - Windows RT

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In this section I will show how to "enable Windows enrollment" in our ConfigMgr 2012R2/Windows Intune unified solution. Windows 8 RT and Windows 8.1 RT are supported.

(Note that you can now also use ConfigMgr 2012 R2/Windows Intune to manage Windows 8.1 devices that are not joined to the domain and do not have the Configuration Manager client installed).

It's very straightforward. Simply open the properties of the previously created Windows Intune Subscription. 

Check the box "Enable Windows enrollment". That's it. All done.

(Note that this includes Windows RT, Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 that are not domain-joined).

See the reference to sideloading keys and code-signing certificate. We don't have to worry about this at this time. You can enrol Windows RT devices without any further configuration. You can download the Windows Intune Company Portal App directly from the Windows Store.

Sideloading simply means installing a Windows Store app without publishing it in and downloading it from the store. You install it directly. You may do this if you don't want to publish a private Line of Business App through the public Windows Store.

All sideloaded apps must be signed with a trusted code-signing certificate.
You can develop your own sideloaded apps for testing purposes. 
See here for the process:

OK, let's enrol a device. The section below is an extract from a Techet Library

For Windows RT, users start enrollment from the Windows RT device. The users must complete the following tasks:
  1. On the Windows RT device, users select Start, and type “System Configuration”, and click the dialog box to open the Company Apps.
  2. The users enter their company credentials and are authenticated. This establishes a relationship between the user, the Windows RT device, and the Windows Intune service.
  3. Windows Intune collects inventory and applies management settings. Users now have access to line-of-business apps and direct links to the app store through the company portal.
For Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, the user enrolls through the device.
  1. On the Windows 8.1 device, the user selects Settings, clicks PC Settings, then clicks Network, and finally, clicks Workplace.
  2. The user enters their user ID in the (ID) field.
  3. The user clicks Turn on and provides their password.
  4. The user agrees to the Allow apps and services from IT admin dialog box, and clicks Turn on.

The RT device can be seen in the ConfigMgr console.

Properties of the RT device.

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