Thursday, 30 April 2015

Microsoft Intune Console - an unexpected error has occurred

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I had this error today while opening the Microsoft Intune Console. 

"An unexpected error has occurred.
Microsoft Intune experienced an unexpected error. If this error occurs frequently, save the error log on your local computer to help you troubleshooting problems." 

This error occurred as Silverlight was initialising (circling dots in the browser). 

I also knew that the problem wasn't browser specific (I tried Chrome & Firefox also). It was pretty clear to me that this was a Silverlight problem but I still wanted to do a little investigation. I followed the advice and saved the log file. There was a line at the end that confirmed my suspicion.  

"Fatal Silverlight InitializeError:\n2105 An error has occurred" 

As I thought reinstalling Silverlight solved the problem.

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