Monday, 20 April 2015

Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management now a complete solution

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This is another bumper month of new releases for Microsoft Intune. Some Apps have been released already and a long list of Intune features will be released this week. You can find the full list on the Microsoft Intune blog. 

For me the most exciting news is the release of the Intune Managed Browser App for iOS devices. This has been pending approval in the Apple Store for several months and has been eagerly anticipated. I believe that this now completes the Intune Mobile Application Management solution for Android and iOS (although I'm sure that many further enhancements will be made in the future).

Currently the following Managed Apps are available for the Android and iOS platforms. These Apps operate in a "container" on the device to prevent corporate data leakage. You can create policies so that data can only be shared between Managed Apps.


Intune Managed Browser App for Android
Intune Managed PDF Viewer
Intune Managed AV Player 
Intune Managed Image Viewer
Intune Company Portal for Android
Office Mobile for Android Phone
Microsoft Word for Android Tablet
Microsoft Excel for Android Tablet
Microsoft PowerPoint for Android Tablet

Microsoft OneDrive for Android 

Additional Apps for Android (Not Managed)

Microsoft Outlook Preview for Android
Microsoft Lync for Android 
Microsoft OWA for Android (Pre-Release)
Microsoft OneNote for Android

Intune Managed Browser for iOS
Intune Company Portal for iOS 
Microsoft Word for iOS 
Microsoft Excel for iOS 
Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS 
Microsoft OneNote for iPad

Additional Apps for iOS (Not Managed) 

Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Outlook for iOS is soon to be a managed app. See EMS blog:
Ignite: Microsoft’s next chapter in Enterprise Mobility

Have a look at some of my previous blogs where I described how to implement a Mobile Application Management solution for Android

Mobile Application Management with Microsoft Intune 
Create Policies  
Add and deploy Intune Managed Browser 
Add and deploy PDF Viewer  
Install Managed Apps and test MAM functionality


  1. Unfortunately Outlook for iOS isn't containerised just yet.

    1. That's true. I had actually referred to a number of additional apps that weren't "Intune Managed Apps". I didn't make that clear but I've done so now. Thanks. There should be some exciting developments for Outlook for iOS soon.