Monday, 3 March 2014

1E Nomad - Install Nomad Branch GUI (Download Monitor)

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Nomad Branch provides an optional Download Monitor. The monitor may be installed in one of two modes, basic or advanced.
In basic mode the system tray icon only appears when an active download is taking place. Clicking on the icon displays simple progress bars that show the status of the download. This mode is designed for environments where users require the ability to see the progress of software downloads.
In advanced mode, the Nomad Branch download monitor can be used for monitoring local machine activity or used to connect to a remote machine. You can remotely connect to any Nomad Branch client machine receiving a download providing you have sufficient Remote Activation DCOM permissions on the remote machine. This mode is designed for Administrators and troubleshooting.

The Download has its own installer (NomadBranchGUI.msi).

Launch the installer and click Next.

Accept the License Agreement.

Choose Advanced.

Download Monitor has now been installed.

Review the Windows Installer log file.

Click the system tray icon to open the monitor. See how to connect to remote computer.

We have now installed the Nomad Branch client, the Admin Console GUI Extensions and the Nomad Branch GUI (Download Monitor). In the next section we will carry out a demo software distribution to see how these components are used.

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  1. Thanks for post.
    Shall you help us to getting the following concerns. if you have any script or Batch file for this installation and repair share with us.

    1 How to install 1E Nomad branch clients.if the user 1E nomad its not reporting properly.
    2- How to removed 1E nomad branch

    3- Any repairing batch or script file for 1E nomad branch.