Saturday, 1 March 2014

ConfigMgr 2012 - Integration with 1E Nomad

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1E Nomad Enterprise integrates with ConfigMgr 2012 to provide increased resilience and bandwidth throttling. It maximizes use of advanced features, like Remote Differential Compression, to make optimal use of any type of network connection with minimal impact on network users. It allows you to distribute software and software updates to computers that could have been previously unmanageable.

Nomad Enterprise reduces the load on the central Distribution Points and eliminates the necessity for local Distribution Points. This allows the ConfigMgr infrastructure to be simplified while still retaining coverage of the entire network and reducing maintenance costs.

The Single Site Download (SSD) feature of Nomad 2012 enables automatic discovery of network topology. This allows organizations to treat a large complex, distributed network as if it were a simple local one by grouping physical networks (including subnets) into logical sites and locations. This capability is powered by the 1E ActiveEfficiency platform. This allows massive distributions, such as Windows 7 images, to happen extremely quickly even on the largest sites without any server infrastructure.

Nomad’s new many-to-many method of distribution (FanOut) allows distributions to happen in a fully connected or “spider web” manner across the local network.

 Nomad Enterprise consists of two main components:
  • PXE Lite - a tool that assists in imaging bare metal computers
  • Nomad Branch - the content transfer utility that helps deliver large content efficiently, safely and securely.
This guide will show you how to deploy Nomad Branch.

Note that Nomad 5.2.100 offers full Microsoft SCCM 2012 R2 support. It was released on 14th January 2014.
This is the software we require.

Please browse to the following sections to see the solution.

Install Nomad Branch Client

Install the Admin Console GUI Extensions

Install Nomad Branch GUI (Download Monitor)

Demo software distribution with Nomad Branch


  1. We have been using Nomad 4/5.0 with SCCM SP1 for little over a year now with some mixed emotions. Upgrading now to 5.2. Would you explain how Nomad is installed\configured in a scenario where Primary Site Server does not have the Distribution Point role installed? Have read quit a lot of your SCCM articles, great stuff.

    1. Nomad Branch should be installed on Site Servers, DPs and clients. There are separate x64 and x86 installers as required.