Monday, 26 August 2013

Config Mgr 2012 Application Catalog: Deploy Software

Back to Application Catalog menu

Back to ConfigMgr 2012 menu

In the last post we added and configured the roles necessary to implement the Application Catalog in the environment. Now we need to populate the Catalog with software applications. We do this by deploying software to a "USER" collection.

Navigate to the Software Library and right click on an application

Select "Deploy"

The "Deploy Software  Wizard" commences. Browse to choose your user collection (note that the collection may only have one member).

Review that the application has already been distributed to a DP (add one if it hasn't).

Choose to "install" the application and configure it to be "available".

Note the option "Require administrator approval if users request this application". We will discuss this in the "Request Approval" section.

Click Next

Select the default settings. Click Next.

Review the summary and click Next.

Click Close to exit the wizard.

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