Saturday, 31 August 2013

Config Mgr 2012 Endpoint Protection: Add Endpoint Protection Point

Back to Endpoint Protection menu

Back to ConfigMgr 2012 menu

We start by adding the Endpoint Protection Point

Navigate to Administration > Site Configuration > Sites and right click on your site.

Select "Add Site System Roles" to start the wizard.

Verify the server name and click Next to continue

We are not using a proxy at this time. Click Next to continue.

Select the Endpoint Protection Point.

You receive a pop-up message to say that SCEP leverages the software updates functionality of ConfigMgr to deploy definition files. Accept that you have been told to configure this.

Accept the Endpoint Protection License terms and click Next to continue.

Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) is an online community that helps Microsoft to keep the SCEP definition files current and improve SCEP's effectiveness. If you choose to become a member SCEP will automatically send information to Microsoft.

Choose whether you wish to participate or not and click Next to continue.

Review the summary and click Next.

The Endpoint Protection Point has now been added. Click Close to exit the wizard.

See the new Site System Role. Examine the properties.

License Terms

MAPS membership. You can change this at any time.

See Monitoring > Endpoint Protection Status

In the next section we will create and deploy Antimalware Policy.

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