Saturday, 31 August 2013

Config Mgr 2012 Endpoint Protection: Alerts and subscriptions

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You can configure Endpoint Protection alerts in ConfigMgr 2012 to notify administrators when specific security events occur in your hierarchy. Notifications display in the Endpoint Protection dashboard in the Configuration Manager console, in reports, and you can configure them to be emailed to specified recipients.

You configure alerts in the properties of collections. Navigate to the properties of your collection and open the Alerts tab.

Check the box "View this collection in the Endpoint Protection dashboard". Click Add to add some collection alerts.

Choose the options you need and click OK to continue.

Note that the Conditions box is now populated. Select them in turn and review the options. Configure the Alert Name and Severity as you wish.

When you have configured your options click Apply and OK to finish.

Navigate to Monitoring > Alerts > All Alerts and review the Alerts you have created.

Navigate to Monitoring > Alerts > Subscriptions.

Right click and choose "Configure Email Notification".

Check the box "Enable email notification for alerts" and enter the details of your SMTP server. You should configure your SMTP server to accept anonymous requests for SMTP relay from the ConfigMgr server.

Enter a Sender address (this is irrelevant but should make sense) and click the "Test SMTP Server" button (enter your email address). See successful test above.

See successful test email notification.

Right click Subscription again and this time choose "Create subscription".

Enter a Subscription Name and choose one or more alerts. Enter the System Administrators Distribution List email address (you can enter multiple email addresses if you wish). 

See the configured subscription. If the condition you configured is reached the subscription will cause an email to be sent to the Admins with details of the alert.

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