Monday, 26 August 2013

Config Mgr 2012 Application Catalog: Request Approval

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Previously we deployed software to a user collection and this software was then available to install via the Application Catalog. However we did not retain any control over the software that the user could install.

We can retain control by implementing an approval process while deploying software that has a cost implementation.

Remember this setting from the deployment - "Request administrator approval if users request this application".

Check this box in the deployment properties of an application.

Now notice that Visio requires approval before it can be installed. Notice the "Request" button rather than the previous "Install". Click the Request button.

The "Request Approval" form opens. Complete the form and click Submit.

You receive confirmation that the form has been submitted.

See list of Application Requests.

The Config Mgr administrator can see the request in the console.

Request details

Right click and select "Approve"

Enter some "Approval" text.

Console status changes to "Approved".

When the user refreshes the Application Catalog they will see that they are now able to install the application.

If they choose not to install the application immediately they will be prompted in the future.


  1. Can users without admin rights on their workstations install software from application catalog?

    1. They sure can. Applications are installed under the context of the local system account.