Monday, 26 August 2013

ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012 SP1 Step by Step Guide Part 34: Application Catalog

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Part 34 of my Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Guide describes how to implement and use the Application Catalog.

This is a new feature that was introduced in Config Mgr 2012 RTM and allows you to empower users to "help themselves" and install the software that they require.

Note that users do not have to local administrators on their devices to use this feature. The software is installed under the context of the local system account.

Please browse the following sections to discover how to implement the feature.

Add and configure roles

Deploy software to the Application Catalog

Access the Application Catalog

Request Approval

Customising Application Catalog - Knowledge Base


  1. Good morning Gerry, thanks for the insight with your blogs on SCCM 2012, they have been a lifesaver. I have a question though, we are trying to use the Application Catalog to have users be able to go to the web portal and install available software but everytime I go to test install some software from the portal, I get, The software change returned error code 0x643(1603). No matter what program I setup. Any help please? Thank you.

  2. 1603 is just a generic MSI error and tells you very little. Can you deploy these applications successfully to a device?

  3. Hi Gerry,
    I have one error, Can you please help me ?
    "When I Open the URL at client side It says 'Can not connect to the Application server'"

  4. Start Server Manager > Features > Add Features > .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features > WCF Activation

    Is HTTP Activation enabled? If not add the feature.

  5. That was done. thanks user can not install the application and the error is : Can not install or request software.

  6. Could you be a bit more specific Nevil. Are you saying that you had this error:

    "Can not connect to the Application server"

    which you have resolved by enabling HTTP Activation, and now you have another problem:

    "Can not install or request software".

    Is this a single or multiple users?
    Is the problem with all applications?

  7. Both problem was resolved now. Thanks Gerry

  8. Hi, same error 0x643 when I installing application on clent machine. Previously applications installed but from few days it is not installing. Deployment can do and application display in software center. but error occurred when I installing the application.

    1. Gayan....I am having the same issue lately. Have you identified a fix for this issue?

  9. I can deploy software via the aplication catalog all day to anyone in the local 4 facilities. If I try to install on the PC at the facility a couple miles away that has a 50mb connection it fails with "The software change returned error code 0x87D00607(-2016410105)."

    What is going wrong?The use this site assignment for group assignment is ticked.

    1. That error means "content not found". Sounds like an issue with boundaries and boundary groups. Is there a DP associated with the boundary group that contains the boundary this client is in? If so is the content on the DP?