Friday, 14 November 2014

Installing ConfigMgr client on Linux Server

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In the last section we copied the ConfigMgr client installation files to the Linux server. Now we will instal the client. 

Launch PuTTY and connect to the Linux server.

Execute the following commands

cd /sccmclient
ls -l
   (this lists the files and shows the file permissions)

Note that all the file permissions are Read & Write (no execute). We must change this (on the "install" file) to allow execute.

You can use either

chmod 755 install

chmod +x install

See that the permissions have changed for the "install" file.

Now install the client. Execute the following command:

./install -mp SCCM_Server.domain.local -sitecode P01 ccm-Universalx64.tar

Client has been installed.

New folders have been created.

View the configuration file by executing the following:

more /opt/microsoft/configmgr/etc/scxcm.conf

View the end of the log file by executing the following:

tail -F /var/opt/microsoft/scxcm.log

(Tip: press ESC & q together to leave the log view and return to command line).

See ConfigMgr service (ccmexecd).

To start the client:

/etc/init.d/ccmexecd start

To stop the client:

/etc/init.d/ccmexecd stop

In the next section we will ensure that the server is Approved in ConfigMgr so that it can receive policy. We will also examine inventory.

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