Monday, 17 November 2014

Linux client - software distribution and patching

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Previously we installed the ConfigMgr client and the Linux server is now managed and reporting normally. We are now ready to deploy software to the server. No further configuration is necessary. We should be aware of the following:
  1. The ConfigMgr client will use the Network Access account to connect to the Distribution Point and download the package to the ConfigMgr cache on the Linux server.
  2. You must configure the following option for your deployment - "Download content from Distribution Point and run locally".
  3. You must configure the deployment as "Required". "Available" is not supported for Linux servers.
  4. You do not need to modify the permissions of an RPM file to allow it to be executed.
RPM (RPM Package Manager) is a popular utility for installing software on Unix-like systems, particularly Red Hat Linux. Download your RPM package to a source folder.

(Tip - carry out a manual test installation of the RPM package before you deploy it in production. If the RPM has some missing prerequisites the deployment will fail with error 10006. It's hard to troubleshoot this but easy to identify in a test.)

We use the traditional package/program for this patching/software distribution.

Right click Packages and choose to "Create Package".

Name the package and configure the location of the source files.

Choose "Standard Program".

The syntax of an RPM installation command is as follows:

rpm -i filename.rpm

Click Next to finish.

Don't forget to distribute the content and then you can deploy the package.

Choose a collection that contains the Linux server.

You MUST choose "Required".

You MUST choose "Download content from Distribution Point and run locally".

Carry out a quick test on the Linux server to verify that the patch is not already installed.

rpm -qa | grep ppl-0.10.2-11.el6.x86_64 

(note that the file extension .rpm is not included in this command).

Request Machine Policy 

 /opt/microsoft/configmgr/bin/ccmexec -rs policy

 Test again

rpm -qa | grep ppl-0.10.2-11.el6.x86_64 

Patch is now present.

Successful deployment.

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