Monday, 17 November 2014

Linux Management with ConfigMgr - Issues I've encountered

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I encountered a couple of issues while carrying out this work. I hope that they can save you some troubleshooting time.

1. Extracting client installation files.

The "ConfigMgr Clients for Linux.exe" file is 62MB.

This file extracts into the client installation files that you require. 

 You must extract this file using an x64 OS.

You will receive this error if you try to extract using x86 OS.

2. Software Distribution.

I encountered error 10006 while deploying an RPM package to a Linux Server (I was trying to deploy Teamviewer for Linux). After quite a lot of troubleshooting I finally tried to manually install the software on the server and found that the installation failed due to missing prerequisite files. Clearly my ConfigMgr deployment would never have worked and it's very difficult to determine the cause from log files. 

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