Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Autopilot White Glove issue

Windows Autopilot white glove feature has been renamed to Windows Autopilot for pre-provisioned deployment. The pre-provisioning service allows partners or IT staff to pre-provision a fully configured and business-ready Windows 10 PC. From the end user’s perspective, the Windows Autopilot user-driven experience is unchanged, but getting their device to a fully provisioned state is faster.

I recently encountered a problem with the process while deploying Windows 10 v1909. 

This UAC prompt for User OOBE Create Elevated Object Server appeared just after the Device setup phase. 

Clicking No caused a real problem and the process started again, this time getting stuck for hours trying to join the organization. This was never going to work. I could see in the MEM console that the device had joined Azure AD and enrolled in Intune and the apps had successfully installed.

Clicking Yes allowed the process to successfully finish.

The prompt is caused by a setting in the security baseline - Local Policies Security Options > Administrator elevation prompt behaviour. It was configured by default to Prompt for consent on the secure desktop. Changing that to Prompt for consent on non-Windows binaries did the trick and removed the prompt.

Thanks to my former colleague Dan Padgett for figuring that out.

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