Sunday, 28 November 2021

Convert CMG to virtual machine scale set

Starting in Configuration Manager version 2010, organizations with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscription could deploy the CMG with a virtual machine scale set (VMSS) in Azure. Starting in version 2107, all organizations can deploy a CMG with a virtual machine scale set. There is no longer a dependency on the subscription type. However, my favourite feature of Configuration Manager 2107 is that, if you have an existing CMG deployed with the classic cloud service, you can convert the CMG to use a virtual machine scale set. I did that conversion in my lab and it worked a treat.

Of course there are some rules:

  • You can change some settings when you convert to VMSS, for example size of VM, CRL check.
  • You cannot change other settings when you convert to VMSS, for example, Azure subscription, Azure AD app, Region, Resource group.
  • The CMG service name will change from to You will have to re-configure the CNAME record.
  • If you don't change the CMG public name then you don't have to re-install the CMG Connection Point.

In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to the Administration workspace > Cloud Services, and select the Cloud Management Gateway node.

Select the classic CMG instance whose Status must be Ready. In the ribbon (or right click), select Convert. This action opens the Convert CMG wizard.

On the General page, select Next. As we said earlier, you can't change any of these settings.

On the Settings page, note the new Deployment name with the suffix for the virtual machine scale set (in my case that is

Make other configuration changes as needed. Then select Next and complete the wizard.

Click Next to finish the wizard and convert the CMG.

Monitor the conversion process in the CloudMgr.log file, the same way as a new deployment.

You will see the new Azure resources. See the Virtual Machine Set and Key Vault, for example. We didn't have these with the classic CMG implementation.

I hope this helps. Until next time....

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