Sunday, 20 February 2022

Microsoft Defender Application Control and the unwanted reboot

I came across this issue again this week on a customer site. Windows 10 computers were being rebooted without warning. 

You’re about to be signed out 

Windows will shut down in 10 minutes

I narrowed this down to Microsoft Defender Application Control in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, "Application control code integrity policies" being set, even to Audit Only. 

This is created as a Windows 10 configuration profile, choosing the Endpoint Protection template, then selecting the Microsoft Defender Application Control.

If you use the tooltip and follow the "Learn more" link, you are directed to the Applocker CSP page, so clearly that's what is in use here. 

According to the Microsoft docs, prior to Windows 10 version 1709, Windows Defender Application Control was known as configurable code integrity (CCI). Interestingly, this is the only AppLocker setting that causes a reboot. It's well documented on the Applocker CSP page. 

"The AppLocker CSP will schedule a reboot when a policy is applied or a deletion occurs using the AppLocker/ApplicationLaunchRestrictions/Grouping/CodeIntegrity/Policy URI".

I can verify that the reboot occurs when you apply the policy but also when you remove it.

Some of my colleagues have suggested ways to avoid the reboot. 
  • Peter van der Woude talks about creating a custom code integrity policy using OMA-URI and the Application Control CSP.
  • Rudy Ooms talks about the WDAC wizard.
  • You can read about creating a new base policy in the official docs using the WDAC wizard. 
This reboot is not a problem when you configure the same setting with ConfigMgr.

In ConfigMgr, the WDAC wizard allows us to de-select the check box to enforce the required reboot.

I hope this helps.

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